Prizm Winery | ABOUT PRIZM




Artwork by Simon C. Page
Prizm Winery is a new wine label launching in 2013 founded by the owners and operators of D’Anbino Vineyards & Cellars in Paso Robles. The goal of Prizm Winery is to create very special, small-run wines using Biodynamic and sustainable practices on the vineyard, and straight-ahead no compromise techniques in the winery to create an unspoiled and truthful taste of the vineyard. That means no chemicals or pesticides on the vineyard, and no added components to the wine, such as extra tannins, colorings, or excessive oak.

Prizm aims to bring these special wines to those who are enthusiastic about the unique vineyard and winery practices used and to those who support sustainable agriculture, while educating its customers on what makes natural winemaking techniques worth the extra consideration. The video series “From Vine to Glass” documents the creation of the first Prizm vintage, 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon.

Prizm is not currently sold to the general public, but is offered only to those invited to participate in the Prizm mailing list by a friend or the Prizm owners themselves. A request to be on the list can be made by using the contact page above. Those on the mailing list can then make a reservation for next year’s pre-order sales before the wine is released.