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Temporary Water Use Agreement

12 Apr 2021, by prizm in Uncategorized

(b) these water rights, acquired and modified by the control body, are limited to a particular segment of electricity, the priority date being intact; (iv) construction, maintenance and construction and maintenance of facilities on or along a public road or highway, in, on or above unduced land whose land is or may become the property of the State of Wyoming, and the construction of structures and the construction and maintenance of facilities in any stream or water; However, provided that the borough immediately restores this road or highway to its previous state of utility, so that it is as close as possible, and that it cannot use it in a way that affects its full or unnecessary usefulness. The granting of the right to use these safe lands is effective when that district files an application with the Land Steering Committee to indicate the boundaries, extent and location of the land, the rights of way or the facilities desired for these purposes. Where land, rights of way or facilities for which an application is requested are intended for the construction of aqueducts, ditches, pipes, pipes, pipes, tunnels or other water extraction or roads, masts, towers and wires for the promotion of electrical energy or telephone or telegraph communications, no compensation is charged to the borough; to the extent that the construction of such works does not render the rest of the legal subdivision by which such work is to be built worthless or unsaleable, if the district is paid for the land to be taken and for the part of a legal subdivision which, according to the Board of Directors, is worthless or unsellable. $ 10 ($10.00) per hectare. If the land in the application is for purposes other than the construction of roads or water extraction or electrical or telephone or telegraph communications, that district pays a rate of $10 ($10.00) per hectare to the state for these lands. In the event of such an application, accompanied by a map or map showing the proposed location or location of these works and/or installations, the royalty title for as many of these territories as necessary or convenient to allow this region to build, maintain and operate its works efficiently and smoothly and to build, maintain and operate its facilities will be patented to that district. If the borough requests a reduction of the right of priority only through these lands, such relief or passage of priority must be proven by the authorization or concession carried out by the State Steering Committee or on behalf of the State`s Steering Committee. The National Office of Rural Commissioners may, in all countries, reserve facilities and/or travel rights in all countries under these patents, subsidies or permits described so far for roads, roads and motorways.


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