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Post Nuptial Agreement Nc

11 Apr 2021, by prizm in Uncategorized

A post-nuptial agreement concerns the property department, including common assets that are marital assets. The agreement addresses issues that would otherwise be subject to the Fair Distribution Act in North Carolina. It can also apply for sped support in the event of separation. However, a post-ascending agreement cannot contain any provision for child custody and child care. A pre-marital agreement (also known as a “prenup” agreement) is an agreement between a couple who wants to marry. It is a written contract signed by the two members of the couple before the wedding. Since a marital agreement pre-extends the division of ownership, it can help reduce or eliminate the time, stress and cost of litigation for the division of ownership. While it is not always possible for an outgoing couple to agree on everything, there are a number of advantages to negotiating a transaction contract instead of letting the judge decide on divorce issues. An agreement gives spouses more control. It also preserves the privacy of sensitive financial information that becomes public during a divorce proceeding in court. A transaction contract also saves time and costs by avoiding a court process in which a judge determines critical issues.

The postnups leave the door open to the couple to make amends and clarify the financial rights of each spouse in case he is unable to repair his relationship. If the agreement is properly drafted, the affairs of the wealth division relating to personal and marital property as well as the spousal assistance scheme are consolidated if the marriage is covered by the divorce. The General Statutes of North Carolina have a special section dedicated to marital and post-ascending agreements. This section is called the Uniform Prenuptial Agreement Act (UPAA). Post-nuptial agreements are authorized in North Carolina by its Fair Distribution Act. This status allows the division of marital property during the marriage. If you think of the example above, it makes sense. A post-marriage agreement allowed Susan and Matt to determine how they would share their fortunes if they divorced. This is a division of marital property that occurred during the marriage. Infidelity: A post-up can be a very effective way to manage an unfaithful partner. The spouse can insure by signing a “Postnup” in which the Philanderer must pay a huge amount of money to his partner.

Whatever the circumstances, Sodoma Law`s experienced and compassionate lawyers can help negotiate, design or review a post-uptial agreement that meets the unique needs of your particular situation. We are proud to listen to our clients` concerns and help them explore options so they can make the best decisions possible when they reach an agreement. Protecting your property: In the event of a divorce, the state of North Carolina, like many other states, uses the “fair distribution” method for asset sharing. In this situation, a post-nup is an ideal solution for you.


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